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Description of 対戦!みんなで早押しクイズ - 無料 雑学 オンラインゲーム

Online competition quick push quiz game application appeared!
Let's face the rival and aim for the highest rating!

Online battle mode where one-on-one battles can be played, Everyone can play in multiple players in fighting mode.

■ 1 to 1 battle mode
You can play online online one to one.
If you win, the rating and rank will rise, and problems with higher difficulty will be easier to issue as the ranking above.
You can also send messages by chatting with friends or by friends.
It is also recommended for a little killing time, practicing quick quizzes, daily brain training.

■ Friendly Mode with Friends Mode With friends, family, at parties, you can enjoy quick-push quizzes like television programs easily at drinking parties and communities.
Question questions can leave you from the three difficulty levels, or you can ask the original question you created.
If you choose face-to-face battle, you can use the terminal as a quick push machine.

■ Problem creation function You can create original problems.
Everyone can make a question in the battle mode or contribute to online match-up quiz.

Like "Master soul" like "music is VFR" Like "On-Jin ~ sound person" Like "Pocket sound"

Version history 対戦!みんなで早押しクイズ - 無料 雑学 オンラインゲーム
New in Quiz 2.2.4
New in Quiz 2.2.3
Fixed a bug in the data transfer settings.
Minor fixes have been made.
New in Quiz 2.2.2
Changed to be able to match friends during season change maintenance.
I deleted the bad evaluation of the problem.
Fixed the problem that full-width alphanumeric characters can not be entered in the dummy option in the inquiry function.
Minor fixes have been made.
New in Quiz 2.2.1
Minor fixes have been made.
New in Quiz 2.1.9
Everyone improved the stability in the Friends room of the match.
New in Quiz 2.1.8
We made minor corrections.
New in Quiz 2.1.7
- Corresponds to the problem number display of the created quiz
- Fix crash bug in dialog
New in Quiz 2.1.3
- Everyone will show questions on questions when inviting to fight
- Addition of cache clear
New in Quiz 2.1.2
Everyone improves stability of matchup
New in Quiz 2.1.1
Everyone below changed the matchup.
- Changing to take the ranking so as to take into account the incorrect answer disqualified penalty remaining number
- Changed so that points are not reset when reconnecting
- Fixed bug that face-to-face battle did not end
New in Quiz 2.1.0
Everyone below changed the matchup.
- Added random match mode
- Fixed bug that battle does not start when there are many people
New in Quiz 2.0.8
Everyone below changed the battle mode.
- Corresponds to scrolling of long sentences problem on match screen
- Answer by other players Displays the screen when time runs out or when you are disqualified
- Display leader on room · results screen
- Improved stability
New in Quiz 2.0.7
Fixed a problem in handover code issuance when changing models.
New in Quiz 2.0.6
Fixed a bug that everyone sent messages etc. multiple times in battle.
New in Quiz 2.0.5
Improve stability of matchup
New in Quiz 2.0.4
- Improve fighting stability
- Fixed bug that level fulfillment items were not achieved in online game
New in Quiz 2.0.3
We added / changed / deleted the following.
- Everyone added bulk invitations of players who played the previous match in battle
- Added shuffle of questions for everyone to make in the match
- Everyone added a member leave by a leader in battle
- Send stamp on Game Result screen
- Add player's report
- 1 to 1 match result rating · Exp change display
- Change the application name of the icon
- Change so as not to complement when questions dummy choice is not set when reading question screen
- Fixed a bug that specific characters can not be used for player names
- Replay Movie function delete
New in Quiz 2.0.2
Strengthened the stability of online matchup.
New in Quiz 2.0.1
Everyone added a wrong answer disqualification penalty to the battle mode.
New in Quiz 1.9.5
We made minor corrections.
New in Quiz 1.9.4
We changed to announce notification on top screen.
New in Quiz 1.9.1
The problem that operation became heavy on some models was improved.
New in Quiz 1.8.7
We made minor corrections of online matchups.
New in Quiz 1.8.6
We made minor corrections of online matchups.
Fixed a bug that my favorite quiz could not be read correctly.
New in Quiz 1.8.1
We made the following changes in online matchup.
- It corresponds to the elapsed time display when pressing the fast push button.
- We have lost the waiting time for both incorrect answers.
- Reconnection at the time of network connection failure was supported.
New in Quiz 1.7.9
- Fixed bug that replay movie can not be saved - Changed so that the screen does not become dark during competition - Fixed display bug of last login time of friends
New in Quiz 1.7.7
I changed the sound effect at the time of answer.
New in Quiz 1.7.5
We made minor corrections
New in Quiz 1.7.4
A bug that caused an error on the history screen was fixed
New in Quiz 1.7.0
Add rating to the results
New in Quiz 1.6.3
Minor fixes
New in Quiz 1.6.2
Bug fixes on replay movies
New in Quiz 1.6.1
Battle recording function addition
New in Quiz 1.5.2
Bug fixes
New in Quiz 1.5.0
Correspond to model change
New in Quiz 1.4.4
Fine bug fix
New in Quiz 1.4.3
Fixed bug with problem with opponent in online matchup
New in Quiz 1.4.2
Match condition change in online matchup
New in Quiz 1.4.1
- Change online competition to ranking system - Improved stability when connected
New in Quiz 1.3.0
Quiz History Addition
New in Quiz 1.2.5
- Reading can be set at the time of question
New in Quiz 1.2.4
- Add an incorrect penalty to online battle - Change to respond when button is pushed
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